Workin’ Dads exist – But not on Netflix

My wife is a huge fan of Workin’ Moms – Four very different thirty-something working mothers and friends try to balance their jobs, family life and love life in modern day Toronto, Canada. (IMDB)

My wife, who is a working mom, could definitely relate to the story, and she loved the series. She got me thinking that Working Dads is a thing too these days.

After all, we live in this new world where fathers are not the sole decision-makers, and mothers are not the only home-makers. We are partners and we got to share responsibilities.

Are you a father? Read on to find out whether you’re a Workin’ Dad or not. Take these easy responsibilities to be one!

Sleep time is a very tender time

If you get to spend time with your kid in the day or in the night. Take the responsibility of putting them for a nap or sleep.

She might need a story, a quick game, a poem, or just a little bit of comfort. It’s a time which will bring you closer to your child. Totally worth it!

Since my wife works in nights, I have the responsibility to put my daughter to sleep every night. It’s our time and we love it (at least I do, she never wants to go to bed)

Play with your kid everyday

Don’t bring your work home, or spend too much time in your office.
Your kid grows everyday and if you don’t play with her, you’ve already missed so much. Start doing it!

Half an hour is enough for you two to have some fun out in the park or in your living area (these days). Spend hours on weekends.

Time for a tough one

I know this part is not so much fun but you don’t qualify without this one. Change your kid’s diapers.
Yes, you can do it! Absolutely! I’ve done it. Not fun, but yes!

No, not just once. Regularly!

This is the biggest test to become a Workin’ Dad, and no, buying diapers will not make the cut.

It’s easy to do, checkout some YouTube videos, I bet there will be mommies or nurses doing it in the videos.

Share it with you wife/husband. Comment if you’re a Workin’ Dad or if you know one. What else do you think a Workin’ Dad does?

6 thoughts on “Workin’ Dads exist – But not on Netflix

      1. You are highly welcome 😅yes they are

        I’m planning to have 5 of them 😂😂😂😂😂

        I want mixtures. But I wish for a girl to come first. So others will have a big sister as first born😂😂😂

        Awwww, it would be so cute 🤗🤗

        Give me a moment. Let me daydream 💭😇😂😂😂😂😂😂

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