The feeling of self-doubt is natural!

Usually uncertain or opposite situations instigate self-doubt and it also happens to the best of us.

The only differentiator is, probably, how quickly successful people beat self-doubt.

The very first step to beat it is – acknowledgement!

You win half of the battle, the moment you stop making excuses and start accepting that you’re the one limiting yourself.

Spending some alone time, thinking deeply about what I have achieved successfully, usually helps me bring my confidence back.

The situation seems much more favorable when we have our confidence back.

Have you faced this? If not, what do you feel when you face unfavourable situations? If yes, how do you deal with it? Please share your process of retaining your confidence.

Thanks for reading my post!

15 thoughts on “The feeling of self-doubt is natural!

  1. Yes, in fact, this is a very wonderful post.

    What I do to stay positive is reminding myself that Iโ€™ve had sunshine moments, so if raining moments come, itโ€™s not going to last because I will still return to the sunshine moments.

    And also, I have a โ€œme timeโ€ where I get to do some deep meditation and get into my little world. Then after getting clear direction, I switch back to this reality world.


      1. You are right about that.

        I choose to meditate during the Mornings and sometimes, evenings.

        Actually, I donโ€™t really follow anyone or app, but should I follow anyone or app? Can I get the best experience from that?


      2. Fantastic!

        Not necessarily! A mentor or a guru of some kind to follow can definitely enhance your experience.

        But, as long as youโ€™re feeling great about what you do, it doesn’t matter.

        It’s great to connect with you!

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