A message to my daughter

You’re the best gift I’ve ever got, I can’t thank enough to your mom for this,
In your smile lies my world, in your eyes my bliss.

You’re the reason for my smile, you make me proud everyday,
Just be brave like you are, and if you fail, it’s ok!

Because, when you came to this world, you didn’t know how to walk,
You learned it all here, you didn’t even know how to talk.

You can do anything you want, just keep that in mind,
never forget to help others, and always be kind.

For kindness makes us great, and we become better when we give,
Everyone deserves a happy life, no matter they’re poor or rich.

It doesn’t matter where people come from or how they look,
What they do for a living, whether a servant or a crook.

They all have their reasons, you shouldn’t hurt anyone,
Just keep your head high, and keep shining like the sun!

#love #kindness

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