These 3 tips will make your resume stand out!

I get asked this a lot, “Why am I not hearing back after applying for tons of jobs?”. Well, the answer is simple, either the recruiter or employer hasn’t looked at your resume or they did not think you will be the right fit for the role.

How do you correct it? Recruiters are human, and all humans have a very short attention span. At work, according to a study, Recruiters spend less than 8 seconds reviewing a resume. With a larger pile of resumes in the inbox, it might be even less than that. It’s simple to make your resume stand out. Follow these steps:

Easy to read format:

Your resume should be easy to read. A recruiter should be able to locate your experience and qualifications quickly and precisely. Usually, I advise people to divide it into 5 groups:

  • Summary — A brief summary of 5–7 sentences, mindfully written with correct keywords.
  • Achievements — Showcase what you have done in your career and how you grew in the last 5 years or so.
  • Tech Skills/Tools — Whatever systems or tools you’ve worked on or the skills that you have. E.g. Salesforce experience, MS project experience, etc.
  • Professional Experience — Add in chronological order your Job Title, Company name, and duration, followed by a brief about what your role was (3–4 points) and include (highlight in bold) numbers in terms of projects that worked on or managed, the team that you’ve handled, calls you have made or revenue growth because of your actions, etc.
  • Education/Certifications — List your education and certifications in chronological order.

Highlight your achievements

A human brain remembers pictures and images more than words, this is called Picture superiority effect. That’s one of the reasons why numbers are projected in line-charts or pie charts.

Creating a simple line chart (like the one shown below) for what you have done over the years in your career shows a lot about your presentation skills.

A line chart that shows yearly annual revenue generated by you.
Example of a Line Chart

You can create similar line charts or pie charts for almost any data points. Projects that you have managed or team size that you’ve handled. Add multiple charts that show all that in the Achievements section.

Make sure your resume has the right keywords

You apply to a lot of jobs but you can’t search and apply to all the jobs and for that reason, you have your profile there on job boards like — Monster, CareerBuilder, Naukri, ZipRecruiter, etc. along with your resume.

When a recruiter searches for a specific role, they type in the keywords in their searches. If a match, your resume will be listed along with many more who have the same keywords on their resume. Make sure your resume has the correct keywords that are used in your industry.

Adding multiple forms of a keyword is a good idea. For example, if you are a Customer Services Rep, you can keep different titles in your jobs to make sure your resume is searchable with any keyword — CSR, Customer care rep, Customer advocate, and so on. You may also want to include Call center (because that’s a relevant keyword) or Inbound calling or Outbound calling and so on.

Another example? Let’s see what a Software Engineer should add — they can keep — Software Engineer, PHP Developer (if they work on PHP), Laravel Developer, Software Developer, and so on.

Apart from this, if you have worked on a tool and you have worked at advanced levels, add those specifics so it’s searchable. E.g. Advanced Excel users can add — Vlookups, Pivot Tables, Macros, and so on.

This not only makes your resume more searchable but also makes the recruiters aware of your qualification in those early seconds when it matters the most.

I hope this post helps you. Check out this other post for tips on: How to get noticed by Recruiters.

Thank you for reading my post. If you have any questions, please feel free to reply/comment. Best of luck!

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