Interview Question #1 – Have you made any mistakes in your previous job?

A lot of companies follow behavioral interview techniques these days and this is one of the questions that you might get asked in an interview. In response, telling you’ve never made a mistake in a job is a big mistake.

Interviewers are smart and have very realistic expectations. Above all, they are also human and all humans make mistakes. It takes courage and character to accept your mistake and move on towards improving it.

When you are asked about your past mistakes, you must be honest and share your experiences without hesitation. Honesty is a sign of a great professional, one who is humble enough to accept his/her mistake.

This is also a chance for you to show how you always learn from your mistakes and make sure those don’t happen again.

How to talk about your mistakes?
Use the STAR interview format:
S – Situation
T – Task
A – Action
R – Result

Situation – Start with a brief about what was the situation when the mistake happened.

Task – What was your task and how it was impacted by that mistake.

Action – here, rather than focusing on the mistake, talk about what actions did you take to complete the task on time even when you made a mistake. Also, include the steps you took to make sure it’s not repeated.

The result – Talk about how that mistake has helped you grow and improve yourself as a professional.

Share your genuine experiences, that’s what the interviewer expects in an answer from a perfect candidate.

Thanks for reading my post! Please share your thoughts.

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