Leadership – A lifestyle

Some people are born leaders and some choose it over their lifetime. Leaders can be recognized easily. People want to talk to them, follow their advice, and most of all they want a moment of their time to learn. These leaders initiate change, a change in your thought process, a change in your attitude. You trust them, you know they have a good heart.

I remember one such person, I met him at a job training after I graduated. He was very kind, he was from a different city and moved here for the training. He lived with some roommates (college students he did not know). One day we were in the college cafeteria, it was a huge round space with high colorful walls and it was always crowded with people. We had just finished our lunch and started walking towards the exit. He was walking in front of me, he was on the phone with someone.

Everyone around us was busy talking to their friends or just enjoying their meal. As we walked past a table, there was a chair lying down on its side, god knows for how long. This guy on his way stopped, leaned towards the chair and picked it up to its position. Now, think when you were a college student and you were with your friends, did you care what chair was lying around where? I did not, and this very moment made me think hard about him and made me realize that he is different.

He probably did not even think before picking that chair up, it was a lifestyle for him. Such people, wherever they go, make things easy for other people.

As it turned out, we became good friends in a very short span of time. We moved on in our lives after the commencement of our training. I took a job in my town, he moved to Bangalore. I later got the news that he’s been selected in the Indian Army and was training at the Officers Training Academy, Chennai. I was glad to hear that because I knew he was a leader, and he cared about others. He would have made a great officer.

About a year later, I got to know that he died during a training session at OTA. June 5, 2014, he was just a month away from graduating from the academy. I regret that we lost contact, but I will always remember him.

Thanks for reading my post!

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