How to approach a CEO for a job through LinkedIn and get noticed?

Have you ever thought about reaching out to your dream company’s CXO via LinkedIn because they are very active there? Maybe you thought about it but did not follow through because you think it’s inappropriate.

Well, LinkedIn and other social media platforms are made to the network and communicate with anyone to everyone. It’s up to you how you want to utilize it. Is it inappropriate to ask a CEO for consideration for a job? Not at all! All you need to do is follow these steps, and steer away from the mistakes most of the people make.

1. Determine which companies do you want to work with and why?

This is one of the most important steps. You can’t just go to LinkedIn and send a bunch of messages to CXO levels and expect they will get back to you. A CXO gets about 20 LinkedIn InMails in a day from Sales teams at other businesses and then other people are writing them too. If you are not important to them then chances are they will not spend those couple of minutes reading your messages.

So, target the companies where you can add value and work passionately. Tell your story to the CXO in minimum words. E.g. if you are a Social Media Marketing Manager, tell the CEO of your target company – what you love about their Social Media Accounts and what value can you add in addition to what they are already doing. Give a tip or two to ensure they already get the value by reading your messages.

2. Get to the point quickly

Now that you’ve shown what value can you bring. It’s time to get right to the point. Tell them you’ve been following them and their growth in the XYZ field has inspired you to work with them or whatever inspired you to work with them.

Ask for a good time to speak or if you should connect with someone specific in their company. You will most definitely hear back on this and then connect with that person, tell them you were referred to them by the CEO. It will guarantee a call-back.

Read this to know how to get noticed by Recruiters.

3. Keep following them and keep the connection alive

Even if it doesn’t work out the first time, keep the connection alive. Keep following the company and the executive. Contribute to their posts, share your thoughts whenever you can. You never know what future opportunities might present themselves.

Above all, give back to your network, stay humble, stay positive, keep smiling, and keep moving forward.

Do you think it’s ok to approach CXOs on LinkedIn? What is your approach? Share your thoughts or feedback.

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