How to get noticed by Recruiters

How many times have you applied for a job and did not hear back? Recruiters are trying to fill a job at their company as soon as they can, there is a TTF (Time to fill) attribute in their performance metrics. Still if you do not hear back from a Recruiter when you apply, there is strong chance that you’re doing it wrong.

Here are the top 3 ways you can make sure to get noticed and receive a call:

Choose a role wisely
When you start searching, make a plan as to what roles do you want to target. If you are an experienced professional, you might want to choose roles that match your past experience and it adds value to the possible employer.

Tweak your resume to highlight what relevant and recent experience matches the job and how can you help the employer achieve what they have listed in their job description. Write a cover letter to highlight the achievements or exact experience in line with their needs.

If you are a recent graduate and you’re applying, write a cover about your projects where you have managed multiple responsibilities, where you applied your knowledge practically. This is something that might tell a recruiter about your abilities and help you stand out of the crowd. Don’t just apply to all the jobs that you see with the same content in your resume and cover letter.

Use a reference
If you know someone at the target company, always take their help to apply. Every company keeps a record of people applying from job boards (usually in 100s) for each job and internal referrals separate. Usually, HR/TA teams pay extra attention to these lots. You have an advantage if you apply through an internal reference. Being an employee at the target company your friend adds a lot of credibility to your application, no reason to not take their help, right?

Network! Network! Network!
There is no better formula than simply looking for the HR/Recruiters at XYZ company and sending them a quick invite on LinkedIn with your intro.

Stay in touch with them, follow their posts. Help by sharing their posts and let them know what you’re looking for. I always remember people who’ve helped me and will definitely go an extra mile to help them back.

Build that relationship with them and make them your ally. I know so many people who build that type of relationship with their recruiters and get recognized by the hiring managers as well because their recruiters share a great feedback.

What do you think about these? Share in comments or send me an invite on LinkedIn. This is my first blog and second post, I would love to get your feedback.

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