Why I’ve created a website!

A Corporate Recruiter on average gets 50 applications on a job in first 24 hours, they will not have time to talk to each and every one of them. What will make them talk to you?

I have 8 yrs. of experience in Talent Acquisition. I’ve worked in the US job market for more than 6 years and about a couple of years in my home country, India. I think I’ve gained a lot of insights of the entire process from a Recruiters side and I realized, I should share this knowledge with others. Hence, I’m here!

Why do this?

  • Because it gives job-seekers a context. What are they looking for? What channels should they choose to find the right job.
  • Because it might help those who are out of job in finding one.

It’s all connected. A recruiter is your ally inside the fort. Talk to them, make them see what benefit you bring to their company and most of all do this with a big smile on your face. 🙂

In future posts, I will write about making your job search targeted rather than just applying to any job that you see online. If you are a job seeker – active or passive, or you’re just here to gain some corporate knowledge to implement in the future, or you’re struggling right now, write to me at hpal.kraayo@gmail.com.

If I’m able to successfully run this, it shall help thousands of people in this world. After all, this is what I can give back.

If you like what I share, show your love and support. Share it with others! If not, I hope my next post is helpful to you. Stay tuned and keep smiling!

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