Welcome to kraayo!

Kraayo (the name) is inspired by a gardening trowel, my daughter when she was about two and a half yrs old, called it that.

After working for 5 years in a very successful and a high paying job, I went ahead with my dream to accomplish more in my life. I was about to be a father then and I was scared that if I did not take a chance then, it would be too late for me.

I always wanted to start my own business and so I did. I bootstrapped it for a year and a half, made a lot of mistakes, pivoted a couple of times, and lost all my savings. I couldn’t find an investor, so I had to make the hardest decision for any entrepreneur, calling it a quit.

Kraayo.com is all about sharing my mistakes and learning with you. If you would like to hear my story, follow me! Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.