Welcome to kraayo!

Kraayo (the name) is inspired by a gardening trowel, my daughter when she was about two and a half yrs old, called it that.

Kraayo.com is all about sharing what my wife and I have learned so far and how we experimented to shape our career. This is to share our journey in this beautiful world, lives that we have affected and what’s affecting us in a positive and meaningful manner.

What helped us in our career can help you as well. So, we spread it some way or another. If you like our work, please share your thoughts with us. We are here to learn and make this one life worthwhile. 🙂

A message to my daughter

You’re the best gift I’ve ever got, I can’t thank enough to your mom for this,In your smile lies my world, in your eyes my bliss. You’re the reason for my smile, you make me proud everyday,Just be brave like you are, and if you fail, it’s ok! Because, when you came to this world, …

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Three Things Challenge

Three Things Challenge #283 by Pensitivity101 – Finally, Lot, Printed The thoughts of uncertainty that were printed on the mind were hard to get rid of, but the support of my loved ones kept me moving no matter my life was rough. I gave more time to my daughter and my wife whatever I have …

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